What Is SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

What Does SERP Mean?

SERP Meaning: SERP is the short form of “Search Engine Results Page“. Full form of SERP defines its meaning completely. Read the full article to get a brief idea about the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Full Form Of SERP: Search Engine Results Page

What Is SERP (Search Engine Results Page): SERP is a web page, that a search engine returns for the given keyword. That means when we type something on the search box of any of our favorite search engine and click on the search, the resulting page that contains a list of web site or web pages is known as the SERP.

SERP contains the following things

  • User Search String: This is a word or a set of word (keyword or key phrase) used by the user in the search bar of the search engine
  • Organic Result: This is the actual result for the user for that keyword delivered from the search engine. The result shown here is indexed by the search engine spider. This result depends on the SEO for that keyword/key-phrase.
  • Paid Result: It is also known as the sponsored result. This result are PPC based (Pay-Per-Click based) and a type of advertisement relate to your keyword.

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SERP - Search Engine Results Page

Main purpose of Search Engine Optimization to improve the ranking of a website in SERP. You will get a long list of result in SERP. So If you improve your ranking of the website and bring your website to the first page of the SERP, Then you will get a good number of visitors from the search engine.

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