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Khalnayak Movie All Dialogues (Famous Filmy Quotes)

Khalnayak (1993) Movie Dialogues

Khalnayak Movie Dialogue Lyrics (Complete List Of All The Famous Movie Quotes In Writing)

Khalnayak Hindi Film Quotes: Khalnayak (1993) is an Indian action thriller Hindi film directed and produced by Subhash Ghai. It is the story of a criminal Ballu (Sanjay Dutt) about how he escape from the Jail and how a honest police officer Ram (Jackie Shroff) and his girlfriend Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) attempt to capture Ballu.

Khalnayak Hindi film was remade in Telugu as Khaidi No 1 starring Vinod Kumar, Sukanya and Raghuman. Below are the collection of all the famous dialogues in writing from Khalnayak Hindi film.

Insaaf Na Kanoon De Sakta Hai Na Police … Agar Koi Insaaf De Sakta Hai … To Ek Insaan Doosre Insaan Ko De Sakta Hai… – By Sanjay Dutt

Aap Kaam Karte Rahe … Aur Main Sota Raha, Sota Raha, Sota Raha.. – Dialogue By Sanjay Dutt

Itni Si Umar Aur Itne Jurm? – Hit Dialogue By Jackie Shroff

Har Khalnayak Mein Ek Nayak Chupa Hua Hota Hai. – By Jackie Shroff

Zindagi Ke Har Natak Mein Ek Hota Hai Nayak … Aur Ek Hota Hai Khalnayak…

Hota Hai, Chalta Hai, Duniya Hai – Quotes By Pramod Moutho

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