Health Benefits Of Honey

Health Benefits Of Honey

Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey: Honey is a sweetener made by honey bees foraging nectar from flowers. Apart from its sweet taste, honey has so much health benefits. Just use honey on our day to day life and get the maximum health benefits. Below are the list of some benefits of honey to our health.

  • Prevent Cancers And Heart Disease
  • Reduces Ulcers And Other Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Anti Bacteria And Anti-Fungal Property
  • Helps with Allergies
  • Energy And Memory Booster
  • Reduce Cough And Throat Irritation
  • Helps In Sleeping
  • Helps With Dandruff
  • Helps With Scrapes and Burns
  • Helps With Herpes
  • Good Moisturizer
  • Helps Soothe Acid Reflux
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Relax From Hangover
  • Helps with Acne
  • Increases Sex Drive
  • Treats Sinus Issues
  • Treats Yeast Infections
  • Helps with Gum Disease
  • Natural Sweetener
  • Helps with Eczema

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Honey (Detail Description)

Prevent Cancers And Heart Disease: Honey has carcinogen preventing properties and it contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds that prevent or reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

Reduces Ulcers And Other Gastrointestinal Disorders: Honey treatment help us to prevent disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastrointestinal.

Anti Bacteria And Anti-Fungal Property: All Honeys have antibacterial properties as the honey bees add and enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide.

Helps With Allergies: Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties help us to reduce the allergy symptoms. It acts as a natural vaccine as it contains a little amount of pollen. A small taste of honey helps us to fight against the runny nose and itchy eyes at the allergy season.

Energy And Memory Booster: Because of its high carbohydrate load, Honey is a wonderful source of unprocessed sugar energy. As we age, our memory may goes down. So to keep our memory sharp, we need to feed antioxidants foods for the cells of brain and You will get plenty of anti oxidants in honey.

Health Benefits Of Honey

Reduce Cough And Throat Irritation: During the cold season, Regular consumption of honey reduce the cold cough. It coats the throat and keep it calm.

Helps In Sleeping: A spoon of honey before bed can give us a beautiful sleep.

Helps With Dandruff: When you apply a diluted solution of honey and water to the scalp andd leave it on for a few hours, your scalp will get back to its healthy state in no time.

Helps with Scrapes and Burns: Its natural anti-biotic nature can help soothe and treat wounds and burns. When we apply honey on scrape or wound, it will disinfect the wound from some serious bacteria like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Helps with Herpes: Honey can help with the symptoms of herpes because if it is applied on sores, it draws fluid away from them.

Good Moisturizer: Honey can be used as a natural moisturizer for our hands, feet and entire body.

Boost The Immune System: Regular consumption of honey will boost the immune system of our body. It also help cleanse and build up your digestive system, which is essential for a good health.

Relax From Hangover: Simply add 1 tablespoon of honey to a cup of orange juice and 1 cup of Greek Yogurt or Kefir and blend these ingredients until smooth and drink up. You will come to relax from hangover. Honey helps the liver to speed of the oxidation of alcohol which helps in get the toxins out of the body faster. The headache we feel during hangover is due to the liver’s inability to process all the toxins out of the body.

Helps With Acne: Honey contains humectants that moisturize your skin and have the ability to kill the bacteria that is causing acne. Just apply raw unprocessed honey to the areas that are prone to it (face, chest or back). Leave it for about 30 minute and rinse off with warm water.

Increases Sex Drive: Honey is a natural aphrodisiac and regular consumption can boost your libido. Honey helps men produce more testosterone and for women it helps with estrogen levels.

Treats Sinus Issues: Honey helps to prevent the sinus infections.

Treats Yeast Infections: Honey helps in curing the yeast infections of women.

Helps with Gum Disease: In-spite of Honey’s sugar content, its good antimicrobial substances helps to fight gum disease.

Natural Sweetener: It is a natural sweetener, but beware of Lame honey.

Helps with Eczema: Honey is a natural treatment that give you relief from Eczema.

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