How To Play Any Audio And Video File In Windows Media Player (WMP)

How To Play All Type Of Audio And Video Formats In Windows Media Player

Play All Type Of Media Files In Windows Media Player: Article will show you how can we play unsupported media files (By Default) in Windows Media Player using a codec named “K Lite Codec Pack“. After the installation of this codec software almost all type of audio and video files are supported by the Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player (WMP): Windows media player is one of the top 10 video player in Windows operating system. This is the built in multimedia player in all version of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 And Windows 10.

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As it is the built in media player, so it comes along with the operating system. After the installation of Windows you can also disable the Windows media player and use any other player. You can also use other players along with the Windows Media Player.

By default the built in media player named “Windows Media Player” fails to play some kind of audio (*.mka, *.amr etc.) and video files (*.mkv, *.flv etc.). You need to install additional codec software to play these kind of unsupported multimedia files in windows media player. After using different kind of codec software, I found “K Lite Codec Pack” is the best among them.

K Lite Codec Pack: K Lite Codec Pack is one of the best codec software for Windows platform developed by Codec Guide. After installation of K Lite Codec Pack, Windows media player is able to play all type of audio and video files. You need to take care on some settings during installation of K Lite Codec Pack, otherwise you will face difficulty in playing the media files. So proper installation will lead you to your destination.

Play All Audio And Video Files In Windows Media Player Using K Lite Codec Pack

Best Codec For Windows Media Player: K Lite Codec Pack is the one of the best codec application for Windows platform. During the installation you need to take care on these things.

  • Always install the application in Advanced or Expert mode. So that it will give you the maximum customize option.
  • On the player association page choose “Windows Media Player“. You can also choose any other player (If supported), So that the other player will also able to play all type of video and audio formats.
  • On the File Association For Windows Media Player Choose “Select all audio” and “Select all video“. Otherwise Windows Media player will only support the selected file formats.

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Which Type Of File Formats Will Be Supported After Installing K-Lite Codec Pack

Video File Formats Supported By Windows Media Player With K Lite Codec Pack

AVI (.avi .divx .amv), Matroska (.mkv .webm), MP4 (.mp4 .m4v . mp4v .mpv4) , Quick Time (.hdmov .mov), Flash Video (.flv .f4v), MPEG (.mpeg .mpg .mp2v .mpv2 .m1v m2v .m2p .mpe .evo), MPEGTS (.ts .m2ts .mts .m2t .tp .tps .trp .rec) 3GP (.3gp .3gpp .3g2 .3gp2), Windows MEdia (.wmv .asf), Digital Video (.dv), DVD file (.ifo .vob), Blue RAy file (.bdmv .mpls), Real MEdia (.rm .rmvb)

Audio File Formats Supported By Windows Media Player With K Lite Codec Pack

Audio File Extension (.mp3), WAVE (.wav .cda), Windows MEdia Audio (.wma), OGG (.ogg .oga), Matroska (.mka), MPEG4 Audio (.m4a .aac), FLAC (.flac), WavPAck (.wv), MusePAck (.mpc), Monkeys Audio (.ape .apl), Optim Frog (.ofr .ofs), TAK (.tak), Opus (.opus), Apple Loss Audio Codec (.alac), True Audio (.ta), AC3 (.ac3), DTS (.dts) AIFF (.aif .aiff .aifc), Core audio Format (.caf), AMR (.amr) , Real Audio (.ra), Speex (.spx)

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