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Robots.txt File For Web Site
What Is Robots.txt For A Web Site Robots.txt: Article will show you a detail idea about robots.txt file for the website with its function and structure. Robots.txt is also known as Robots Exclusion Standard (RES) or Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) or robots.txt protocol. It is good when the search engine regularly visit your web site (Web Crawling/Web Indexing) to collect data. But sometimes we don’t want spider to crawl some of our web pages to avoid duplicate content or some […]

What Is Robots.txt

Web Spider (Robot)
What Is A Web Crawler (Web Robot or Web Spider) Web Crawler: Web Crawler is also known as Web Spider or Web Robot. Web Crawler is a program or automated script used by the Search Engines to get details of web sites and its web pages present in the World Wide Web. The process of getting details of the web pages of the website is known as web crawling. Web crawling process is done by the search engine in a […]

What Is Web Crawler (Web Spider or Web Robot)

Best Search Engine
List Of Some Major Search Engine Search Engines: Article will show you a list of some best search engine in Internet World. But before going to discuss about the major or best search engine, first of all you need to know about what is a Search Engine and what is the work of a search engine, Otherwise it will not give you any benefit. What is a Search Engine: A search engine is a system software that is used to […]

List Of Top Major Search Engine

SERP - Search Engine Results Page
What Does SERP Mean? SERP Meaning: SERP is the short form of “Search Engine Results Page“. Full form of SERP defines its meaning completely. Read the full article to get a brief idea about the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Full Form Of SERP: Search Engine Results Page What Is SERP (Search Engine Results Page): SERP is a web page, that a search engine returns for the given keyword. That means when we type something on the search box of […]

What Is SERP (Search Engine Results Page)